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As previously observed in order to use bootable USB stick the BIOS has to support USB boot. Actually for purposes of the boot USB stick looks like a Floppy disk even though once the system is booted USB stick is SCSI HDD.

I have never tried to boot from ZIP drive nor heard of anybody doing it. I might try and let you know how it goes. I have a feeling that it should be as easy as booting from regular SCSI HDD since ZIP is just a SCSI HDD from the point of view of the kernel.

What is the purpose of all that? If you want to install on an old system which has no optical drive the easiest thing is to boot from the floppy and do network installation. The only problem is that FreeBSD doesn't have any more boot floppies since FreeBSD considers it obsolete feature. It is however the best way to install Open and NetBSD.

PXE boot is definitely an option if your BIOS
supports it.
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