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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
Yes it is .. just learning by trying .. not a business or something :-)
(Router is
Okay, this matches the information seen in the traceroute(8) & ping(8) output -- a local network with at least one router (two LAN's...) involved. Network response appears to be as expected.

Now, back to the original question as to why ftp(1) is perceived to be slow.
  • How is the ftp(1) server configured?
  • Provide the output of ifconfig(8) for the server, & one client.
  • Assuming one system is using an em(4) interface, & the interface number is em0, provide the output of the following command:

    $ ifconfig em0 media

    Your NIC cards may have different interface drivers, so you will have to substitute accordingly.
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