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Originally Posted by satimis View Post
Sorry for the confusion on my late posting. What I meant is running either Xen or VMware or VirturalBox etc. Most likely I'll test Xen. I have a box here running VMware. Any suggestion?
Download Solaris from and boot with xVM.

What will be the advantage running KVM on a virtual box?
KVM is like QEMU, you can start it without display with --nographic option, so it will be more like Xen, you will be able to ssh to the VM of course, a good sollution for vyatta for example, but KVM is limited to Linux host only, while VirtualBox is also avialable on Solaris.

- Whether we should not run anything on the host other than VMware/Xen/VirturalBox, etc.
You can use Solaris containers, which will secure everything and you will have no performance drops at the same time since is OS level virtualization like FreeBSD Jails.

- Can I run a workstation as host? Because I don't install X packages on server. I do headless installation. If YES I can configure/install the servers on the workstation.
Generally X11 is not a standart package for servrs, but Solaris will install it anyway as part of the default install, so you will have to disable it manually by SMF later.

You may do some "startup" administration at the box in x11 and then after all Xen/xVM setup is done disable X11.
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