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Originally Posted by satimis View Post
Good suggestion. Never run Solaris before. In the past for Unix I selected either OpenBSD or FreeBSD. A side question what will be the difference btw Solaris and Open Solaris?
BSDs are great systems but they have very little to offer if it comes to virtualization sollutions (Jails in FreeBSD + QEMU only currently).

Solaris is based on OpenSolaris + some binary addons that are not avialable in source. Solaris is avialable only in binary form while OpenSolaris comes with full sources.

Every two weeks there is new build (annunced on JIVE forums) of OpenSolaris SXCE (Solaris Express Community Edition), currently build 90, about every quater Sun creates SXDE (Solaris Express Developer Edition) which is then tweaked/fixed to be a Solaris 10 $MONTH / $YEAR update.

For Solaris resources check lots of good docs there, especially for virtualization, a near 40 chapter book about virtualization for example
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