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Default Virtualization security

From a course overview for for "Certified Virtualization Security Expert" of the

" How hackers enter our virtual environment"

> Potential threats of virtualization in- depth;
> How hackers use these vulnerabilities;
> Secure virtual data centers from the ground up.

Did you know.....?

> "An attacker can redirect, then copy or even change information before it arrives at the destination!"

> “Any regular user inside your network can take full control of your ESX hosts if they know the right exploits”.

> “By taking control of your virtual environment a hacker could disable ALL your VMs at one time"
They, of course have to sell their course, but at least it mentions the potential dangers.
Something that the majority of the "virtualization junkies" not even seem to know or are just ignoring
You don't need to be a genius to debug a pf.conf firewall ruleset, you just need the guts to run tcpdump
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