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Old 25th November 2009
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In no ones defense or otherwise, it IS a Windoz world, coorporate or otherwise, leave it to marketing/tech (Jobs is MUCH worse) wizards to sell us billions of dollars worth of "software" we do not need or really use

3 of my 4 computers run OpenBSD, but alas that 1 is required by me for suport purposes (no games and crap) and for the record i do reimage (ghost,clonezilla) quite frequently. The slowdowns and other crap i try to maintain by daily cleaning/scanning and weekly defragmenting of hard disks.

I to do hate the unnerving and god dam stupid crap that Windoz does and does not do, i guess it just goes to show that TV is always right and the masses (that learn from TV) are even righter .....
The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know ....
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