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Desktop statistics ...
what I see in large companies or administrations (and I don't think I exagerate) 80% of the screens run the screensaver 80% of the time.
These are run on complete PCs with floppy drive, HD, many with CDROM while these could run on thin clients.
Thin clients would spare fortunes in energy bills.

Now, seen frome the side of the employee, would he be given a keyboard, mouse and monitor, with a thin client integrated in the furniture or the display his first question will be to ask if he is considered inferior as he does not receives a "computer" like other people. Maybe his union has requirements.

Then, there are the licenses: most hardware manufacturers signed an agreement with MSFT to be authorized to install Windows. This agreement is binding a fee per CPU the manufacturer sells. So, the Windows license has been paid for in any case. Why not use it?

One license fee per CPU is the way MSFT gained dominance.
The fun is that it is completely illegal as, even if you build machines typically for other OSes, you still pay an unneeded license, and this is enrichment without a cause. Has been going so for more than 20 years.
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