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Originally Posted by ninjatux View Post
Forcing hardware on people who are only attracted to the operating system is pretty dirty tactic.
It's not.
This really confirms to me that Apple is a hardware company.
This is true, and they always have been. Some on Wall Street think this is a problem, though.
All most people need to know is that OS X is more stable than Windows and is easier to maintain than Windows. The usability bit would be nice to mention as well, but it's usually a hit or miss with people.
The 'usability bit' IS the main feature of Apple and their main selling point.
If you go on Ubuntu forums, you'll see so much misinformation and n00biness.
Any forum about a hobbyist accessible, popular topic will get such a collection. All the web development forums I visit, I can count on one hand the number of truly professional users that are there.
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