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Well, <sigh> it WAS a hobby or I should say a side job but I got FIRED just a few weeks ago and now it's my primary occupation. I should say I worked in IT for a career for more than 10 years but I am too vocal, and since we were a Windoze shop primarily, I think management didn't much like me, so they laid a bunch of people off but made up a bogus excuse to FIRE me. I think they did me a favor. I eat this stuff, sleep it, and breathe it, and now I can concentrate on doing what I really want to do. I have been doing Linux/Unix consulting since 1996, but only on the side.

I started in this business when I was taking some accounting classes at the University, and I had a computer science elective (on the DEC 10 system) RPG, BASIC+, and COBOL! I thought I wanted to be a programmer, but after I took all the classes and stuff, my first real project ruined it for me. I'm a hardware guy, not a software guy. I can't put my head in the box all day long and be sane, but I love setting up data centers and tuning them so that's where I went. I do exclusively Linux/Unix/Mac consulting and I get my business mostly from WINDOWS techs. One called me yesterday and said her customer had a Linux box - because it was all command line. Turned out to be Novell Netware 6.5! Well, I got the work anyway. Haven't done Novell since 4.11.

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