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Originally Posted by ninjatux View Post
What's so difficult about automounting on FreeBSD? What about USB support? USB support on my end is great, and automounting with Hald and Dbus is as good as it was on Linux. WLAN is a problem for all Unixes, other than Mac OS X.

FreeBSD is time consuming for those who don't need or appreciate the level of customization that it offers. How often have you needed to do a fresh install of FreeBSD on a box? How often has it broken? I've used over 20 Linux distributions, and Linux is much the same in respect to Windows that installs of distributions that offer unique package management systems break over time. What say you to Gentoo or Slackware? FreeBSD may be time-consuming at first to setup for the desktop, but it's easy to maintain, and the lack of maintenance required saves you time in the long run. That's true for all Unixes besides Linux. They're all relatively self-maintaining.

By the way, I do agree with you that if you want BSD Unix on a laptop easily, then you might as well get a MacBook or Pro and run Mac OS X on it. You can then stick MacPorts on it, install X11, and you'll be good to go.
Yes, I agree with you that it is not difficult to manage automounting working. But I found all this installation procedure for desktop to be TO TIME CONSUMING!
What about FreeBSD reinstallations. I have made reinstalls only in the beginning when I didn't know how to fix on or other broken feature made by me. Currently I have several server and router installations and I didn't have single case when I should reinstall all from scratch.

I have found FreeBSD to be easy to manage and understand in most aspects. This feeling is getting stronger as the years of experience passes.
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