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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
I agree with coppermine here to a point. I hear people talking about using *BSD as a desktop or worse yet even advocating it for everyone and I just shake my head. I am a FBSD junkie. I just at some point have to say this is not what this product does best. For servers, IMHO there is nothing better. I run all my web stuff and backend on either FBSD or OBSD. For my desktop, I agree with ninjatux, I use a macbook pro. When I am using a workstation I just want things to work and work well. To me, it's just a matter of using the right product for the right job. <flame suit on>

I don't really advocate it to anyone, but people know what I use. People know I'm a Unix junky and that BSD is my favorite family of Unix. Having used Slackware and Gentoo for quite a while, FreeBSD seems like a treat because of its correctly implemented automation features in Ports. Slackware takes longer to setup than FreeBSD does on a desktop if you do a minimal install. Gentoo is only slightly easier compared to Slackware. Both of those distributions are used on the desktop, but FreeBSD takes less time than both in maintenance and setup. Yeah, I agree with right tool for the right job notion, but I think the BSDs are multipurpose operating systems. It can't get any better than that.

Would you say that PC-BSD makes a good desktop?
Would you say the same for OpenSolaris (assuming it's in a usable state)?

Originally Posted by windependence View Post
People coming here from Linux should understand that some of us think of Linux as they think of Windows. Every time I load Linux and open top I am reminded how bloated and complex it has become. *BSD is simple, small, and elegant.

With regard to the virtualization, that is one feature I sorely need. ESXi does not run on a lot of hardware - NEW hardware. I just built a dual quad core server that will not run ESXi so I have no choice but to run Vnware server on Linux. I'm not happy about it, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

I came from Linux, and I don't like to use it anymore, if I don't have to. Plus, it's really pathetic that Linux has become the dominant platform for Unix(-like) application development because with all its GNU proprietary bits, porting to other traditional Unixes becomes a pain.

Virtualzation is coming according to the mailing lists. First DomU will be completed eventually leading to Dom0 support for Xen. There is discussion of having the FreeBSD Foundation fund the VirtualBox developer team to have it ported over.

Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
Who forces You to use it on Apple hardware, it wokrs flawlessly on a regular PC, you just need modified/patched ISO from torrents, I used it on Intel Q6600 + Intel 965G and everything worked very well.

You just need box with CPU that supports SSE3, You may check that here:

Just check here hour hardware here:

... and get ISO image here:
I wouldn't advocate that, and I wouldn't expect it to work on most PCs. You might have gotten lucky. Advocating it for use on and using it on a non-Mac breaks the EULA. Furthermore, it's impractical for most people to try running Mac OS X on their systems because its hardware support is quite poor, but that doesn't matter, since Macs are a closed platform. Mac OS X does not have to support every piece of hardware out there.
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