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As mentioned in FAQ 14, disk management tools here are fdisk(8) and disklabel(8), then newfs(8) for formatting.

You use fdisk to manipulate MBR partitions, and you use disklabel to manage OpenBSD partitions.

Your second disk can be used for whatever you like. If you wish to -dedicate- it to OpenBSD, you would still use fdisk, and create a single large partition. The -i option should be investigated. If you share the disk with another OS, then you will need to create an MBR partition for OpenBSD partititions to live within.

What specific part of FAQ 14 are you confused about? You could, for instance, move /home to the second drive. You could, instead, move /usr/local there. But as every user's environment is -unique- to them, either you must make your own decisions, or share significantly more about your environment.

For the latter, show the fdisk and disklabel configuration of your first drive, the output of df -h, and the fdisk configuration of the second drive.
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