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Originally Posted by bmk1st View Post
Hello Oko,

Is there a reason why you would prefer to use Opera 10.60 after Linux emulation 2.6 is finally supported on OpenBSD?
I do not use new features of Opera 10.60 but Opera 10.11 is almost two years old. As of why do I prefer Opera over any other browser the reasons are obviously mixture of technical and emotional.

Originally Posted by bmk1st View Post
Have you thought about moving to FreeBSD since Opera now supports FreeBSD version? I'm just curious about your reasons behind your preference of the chosen browser.
I was using FreeBSD until about four years ago when I switched to OpenBSD. Without trying to start any flame wars here or offend numerous FreeBSD users who frequent this site, FreeBSD is far inferior flavor of BSD than OpenBSD and I could give you logical and technical reasons for that. Actually IMHO FreeBSD is the least exciting of BSDs projects right now and the least real Unix of all BSDs. NetBSD or DragonFly BSD would be far better alternatives to OpenBSD than FreeBSD and both are developing rapidly and very originally (unlike FreeBSD).
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