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Thanks Ninguem ! cool brainstorming !
starting from where you ended , Steve Jobs and company made an effort to make cyberlife easier .. a japanese old lady thanked him live , for making easier her life .. but someone else needs more than just that and keeps asking if ever the OS is reliable and secure .. so we centrifugally diverge according to our respective aims,expectations,walks of life, .. etc and then we centripetally meet again as net-users .. some know what they want and have a clear prospect .. some others are using what's available/cheap/easy/beneficial .. a third category may include those still in search of an ideal OS that does x in a better way y .. x changes with time because the human condition is marked by instability .. so the choice y is gonna change accordingly .. some would argue that the more an idea/principle is strong the more it resists change .. one's boulomaic world -world of desire- may influence one's decisions .. love design and you'll find yourself using mac .. if your deontic world -world of obligation- wins over your boulomaic world .. then you are gonna commit yourself to something you have to be using to fulfill your mission even if you don't like it .. but here the question at issue comes up : to what extent would one be goot at doing something they don't like ? just feel they have to do it , every day , every night ..
Remains a third world : the epistemic world , or the world of knowledge .. the more you know about something , the more you succeed in making it useful to you and/or to the rest of the world .. this is the kingdom of the wise .. some of the wise have one more extra-feature : benevolence/generosity .. because their deontic world eclipses their boulomaic world .. others , as a matter of fact, are driven by the latter to trade all ideals .. I must confess that the BSDs fit into the first category .. :-)
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