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Just a quick update. I found Skype 1.4 binaries on NetBSD web-site. The good news is that library is not needed at all. However if you try to start Skype you will realize that you missing library which is easy to find.
I also want to point something I didn't mention before. Linux kernel emulator layer on OpenBSD is NOT working well on BSD.MP kernel.
This is well known issue according to Marc Espie. So you will have to use bsd kernel. With bsd kernel Skype 1.4 is rock stable on OpenBSD but I still have playback issue which is of course show stopper for 99% of us. You can use Skype for Chat if you like.
This time I am more optimistic and believe that it might have to do with azalia driver for my DeLL laptop which I use for testing.

$ audioctl
No full duplex as you can see but the fix is easy.

$audioctl full_duplex=1
$audioctl fullduplex=1
In spite of that playback still not working. The next suspect is mixer.

$ mixerctl -v
outputs.headphones.sour=dac  [ dac dac2 ]
outputs.headphones.dir=output  [ input output ]
outputs.headphones.boos=off  [ off on ]
outputs.line.source=dac  [ dac dac2 ]
outputs.line.dir=output  [ input output ]
outputs.mic.dir=output  [ input output ]
outputs.speaker.dir=output  [ input output ]
outputs.speaker.boost=off  [ off on ]
outputs.other.dir=output  [ input output ]
outputs.other2.dir=output  [ input output ]
inputs.dac.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.dac2.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.other3.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.sel.source=other  [ other other4 other2 line mic speaker headphones ]
inputs.sel2.source=other  [ other other4 other2 line mic speaker headphones ]
inputs.sel5.source=sel3  [ sel3 other5 other6 ]
outputs.sel5.mute=off  [ off on ]
inputs.sel6.source=sel4  [ sel4 other5 other6 ]
outputs.sel6.mute=off  [ off on ]
outputs.other7.source=dac3  [ dac3 sel5 sel6 ]
outputs.other8.eapd=off  [ off on ]
inputs.usingdac=10  [ 10 1110 1f ]
record.usingadc=12  [ 12 13 20 ]
Even setting recording device to mic doesn't help much. I am not even able to record my voice with aucat. Issue is probably fixable with playing further with mixer states but
at this point I will probably move experiment to a desktop machine with Sound Blaster Live audio card on which full duplex and recording works as charm. I will post further on this issue.

Speaking of this stinky DelL Latitude D830 I can report that DVD burner is not connected to audio device so in order to play a regular CD you must use.

cdip cdplay
which is rip in practical sence with files going to /dev/null. So much about quality of DeLL Win Laptops.

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