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Originally Posted by threaderslash View Post
Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
If you look at the bottom of the displayed manpage, is displaying information from OpenBSD 3.6 -- which was released November 2004.
Threaderslash, if you did not install the man*.tgz fileset when you installed OpenBSD, you can add it to your system now by following the instructions in FAQ 4.11. In addition, every one of the mirrors of the OpenBSD project website have a link to web based manuals, where you can even compare different versions of individual man pages from release to release.
Originally Posted by Theo's_email_to_root_at_install
For more information on how to set up your OpenBSD system, refer to the
"afterboot" man page (i.e. after you exit the mail subsystem, type
"man afterboot"). If you are not familiar with how to read man pages, type
"man man" at a shell prompt and read the entire thing. Pay specific
attention to the "man -k keyword" option, which will permit you to find the
man page you are looking for more easily; for instance, "man -k ethernet"....

Again, PLEASE READ THE MANUAL PAGES. Our developers have spent countless
hours improving them so that they are clear and precise.
And, from afterboot(8):
     Administrators will rapidly become more familiar with OpenBSD if they get
     used to using the high quality manual pages.
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