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Originally Posted by Os Miridium View Post
Ah, now that sounds like it may solve my problem, thanks!

A quick sifting through some USB info seems to suggest that the UAC standard numbers are tied to the general USB standard releases, meaning all USB 1.x devices should have UAC1, all USB 2.x devices should be UAC2 etc. Can anyone confirm ore refute that? If my assumption is correct that would mean I should be able to use a Behringer Xenyx 302 USB, which seems to be USB 1.1 (according to a customer review complaining about this fact, although the manufacturer does not bother to say so anywhere in the obtainable official info) . Has anyone by any chance thried this particular device? It does have a few handy features that the UCA2xx series is missing.

Thanks again,
Yes, if an audio device is listed as USB 1.1 compliant in the specifications, it will almost certainly work. However, most of them don't support 24-bit quantisation, which is kinda important for studio recording.

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