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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
The newest Mutt has built in SMTP so you do not need sandmail. The stable one doesn't have so you will need to configure sendmail to send mail to your IP mail server which will relay it further. I am not using Mutt so I do not know if it has built in support for downloading mails from POP3 and IMAP servers. If I have to guess I think it has it. If it doesn't have you will have to use fetchmail to get your mail from the remote mail server of your IP. You do want to use IMAP and SMTP only with TSL or SSL.

I would not use POP3 period.

Just following up. I've been configuring my email accounts this past couple weeks gearing up for my move to a new hosting company. I've played around with mutt, mutt-devel, postfix, fetchmail, procmail, etc.

Mutt-devel (and I think mutt-stable) support pop3(s) and imap(s). I'm sticking with mutt-devel because it supports imap header caching (and I'm going to use imaps with my new webhost). Using mutt's built in imap support, I don't need fetchmail and I can configure different mailboxes on the webhost's side, so I don't need procmail. (but they are both great programs to use - it was fun learning procmail's quirky format!)

Mutt-devel does support smtp(s), but it doesn't seem to work very well. I thought I'd be able to just use the one program and be done with it. I had to recompile postfix with sasl support (which isn't compiled in the postfix that comes with NetBSD). But, then I found ssmtp. It does what I need. I am not running a mail server. I have one specific need and that is to relay the mail from mutt and my computer to the smtp server of my webhost. Using postfix (or sendmail) is like using a crowbar to open a bottle cap. It's overkill for my application. Ssmtp works for what I need it to do.

So now my setup is mutt-devel (using it's own built-in imaps support) and ssmtp. Ssmtp works with gmail (a bugger to get to work right using any program!) using smtp over ssl and hopefully it will work with the stmp server of my new webhost (I should be making the switch this weekend - so we'll see).
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