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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
... most people simply find it annoying or confusing.
I'm in the confusing/annoying camp.

I experimented with gnupg. I still have it available, I just don't actively use it any more.

Why confusing? The whole ring-of-trust set up seems to be heavily embraced by a small group of people, and ignored by everyone else. You enroll in one or more of the global trust servers, but you're never sure exactly why you've done so, as it is still a self-certification.

Why Annoying? You get a signed e-mail from someone, and your MUA calls on it's known trust servers.... and you wait 10 seconds only to be told they could not be verified anyway. But then, it was an email to a public mailing list, which did not need to be authenticated in the first place.

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