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bash-4.1# pkg_info -L cyrus-sasl | grep saslauthd
/usr/local/sbin/saslauthd this iz binary file

this is some part from nano saslauthd
^B^�D$^D^�E ^�^D$�6x��^�U 1��^D2^@�^�^�M�9M^\^O^�i���^ E^\^�U�^�M^X^�D$^H^�T$^D^�^L$�^Fx ��,���^��^ͼ'^@^@^@^@U^��W$
^@* NO^@* BYE^@* OK^@saslauthd LOGIN ^@auth_rimap: sending %s%s %s^@auth_rimap: writev: %m^@saslauthd OK^@auth_rima$
Host: %s:%s
User-Agent: saslauthd
Accept: */*
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: %d

%s^@^@^@^@auth_httpform: sending %s %s %s^@auth_httpform: failed to send request^@^@^@auth_httpform: read (response$
^@attempting a read lock on slot: %d^@^@could not acquire a read lock on slot: %d
^@^@attempting a write lock on slot: %d^@could not acquire a write lock on slot: %d
^@failed while writing to mmap file: %s^@^@^@could not mmap shared memory segment^@^@^@^@mmaped shared memory segme$
^@%-16s: %s^@read failure
cyrus-sasl already installed

what you use for mail server ?
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