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Originally Posted by chrizby View Post
I also have the 600e and have just installed Openbsd 4.8.
I am splitting your message from the original thread:

Even though this may be the same hardware, I suspect discussion on your hardware will take a different direction than the original. This site also tries to maintain simplicity in searching as a lot of members search old threads. Jumbling discussions together makes searching significantly more difficult to nearly impossible.
...under openbsd I have been completely unable to get that to work.
What have you done for configuration thus far? Have you read Section 13.1 of the FAQ?

The output of mixerctl(1) is your next best friend. And quoting from Section 13.1:
Usually the controls have a meaningful label, but sometimes one must simply 
try different settings to see what effect each control has.
And on a different subject (although we try to limit threads to a single topic...):
The acpi apm driver does seem to have worked and I can shut the case
and open the case and the system will come back up. Thanks guys
Very few project developers read this site. The regulars who engage most threads here are simply users coming to OpenBSD from different backgrounds.
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