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Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
A couple of questions to those who know. Does it make sense to use Oracle Solaris as a home OS? As I guess, this doesn't contradicts the licence and it's available for free download at Oracle's website. But what about updates, full-scale use of ZFS, installing 3d party software etc, can this be done without buying a licence? And how good is it in general terms compared to Linux and *BSD?

The same question goes about possibly any other commercial UNIX systems in case they allow free distribution.
Using Oracle Solaris for home use, that can be NAS for example, that can be achieved with ZFS on FreeBSD with a lot better way (a lot more packages and FreeNAS available).

The only way I would use Oracle Solaris at home would be educational way, which means learning Oracle Cluster, Zones, Crossbow ... things that are not available on FreeBSD.

... but You can have them anyway for free on Illumos[*] based distribution

Name chosen after OpenSolaris has been 'kept' by Oracle.
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