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Originally Posted by cableguy View Post
Would you recommend me instead to perform a clean installation of OpenBSD on a laptop i5 with a NVidia GeForce 540M and 4GB of RAM?
I assume by "clean" installation, you mean install only OpenBSD on your laptop.

The potential issues (since you have not actually installed to test for yourself...) with nVidia are present whether you are multibooting or have only a single operating system on the disk.
...any of you people out there have OpenBSD on a laptop and fully functional?
I run OpenBSD-current on a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. I have no issues. Besides nVidia shortcomings, the OpenBSD environment will also be lacking in Flash compatibility, however, newer browsers have sufficient HTML5 support where this is becoming less of an issue. There are also applications such as youtube-dl which allows one to download from YouTube & view these files on video players such as mplayer or vlc.

...but otherwise, I write code for a number of languages on this laptop, & sufficient applications exist in packages to make this a respectable development machine. I rarely use Windows, & usually only for a few Windows applications which are needed.
My purposes are as a developer... only need neat text editors, like notepad++, programs such as Ilustrator and Photoshop (could use Gimp too), stable server of SQL and APACHE; also IDE's for C/C++ with compilers, etc... And for entertainment, a cool GUI, music/movie players, normal stuff, I guess.

If you tell me I can have all that on OpenBSD, I divorce Windows tonight.
It all comes down to familiarity, a willingness to search for answers, & time to experiment.

Emacs, vi, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, & the gimp are all applications I regularly use. C/C++, Python, Ruby, node.js, & Perl can all be found on OpenBSD.
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