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Originally Posted by DaBSD View Post
Does it make sense to use Oracle Solaris as a home OS?
To answer the original my opinion, no.

License question aside, the vast majority of people running commercial Unix are doing so on enteprise-grade hardware, which you are unlikely to have at home. When they run into problems, they call the vendor and use their support question. When they ask questions in forums, it's "my M5000 has this weird error in the log file" not "my Asus mobo I bought form NewEgg has a weird beep at POST".

If you're running *BSD at home, it's easy to find other people running *BSD on the same or similar hardware, doing the same or similar things, with the same or similar problems.

Also, if your main interest is in file serving, a big bunch of disk at home no longer means a complex array. Quality drives are sold in 6TB or even 8TB sizes now, and CPUs are fast enough that even a modest CPU will easily handle common RAID levels. I mention this because the idea of a homemade NAS server with 6TB or 12TB of space has become common and any *BSD or Linux distro can handle a couple disks mirrored (or whatever).

So while you could do it - and of course, sometimes it's fun just because you can - I wouldn't run my main "home stuff" on Solaris (or AIX, etc.) But that old crash box in the on!
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