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On the netbsd wiki it is mentioned how to upgrade the kernel [1]

Updating the kernel
  • Build a new kernel, e.g. using It will tell you where the ELF version of the kernel is, e.g.
    Kernels built from RPI2:
  • Besides the "netbsd" kernel in ELF format, there is also a "netbsd.bin" kernel that is in a format that the Raspberry can boot.
  • Depending on your hardware version, copy this either to /boot/kernel.img (First generation Pi, Pi Zero hardware) or to /boot/kernel7.img (Pi 2, Pi 3 hardware)
  • reboot

So I guess, that I have to copy the kernel into the directory /boot
#ls -l *.IMG
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 7348948 Dec 3 21:03 KERNEL7.IMG
But which file do I need? None of the files are created with sysupgrade?
Or do I have to build the kernel by myself on the RPI and it is not possible with sysupgrade?


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