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Originally Posted by Beastie View Post
It's not just the two of you. And it's not really Google thinking you're a bot. It's more like Google perfecting their AI and object recognition algorithms and using you as testers.
Yes you're partly correct, I sometimes get that annoying captcha image learning tool, too.

But what I was primarily referring to is actually a very simple ascii text message from the main G page, that sometimes appears when I try to access their search engine. Something about "we've detected unusual traffic from your IP" etc. followed by the stats that my browser provides: user agent etc. Furthermore while all of this happened on a dynamically assigned IP address, there was no recent dial-in on my side, where the traffic of another user who might've been assigned the IP address before me, might have caused any automatic blocks on G's side. My IP usually stays for 24h. I've yet to find out what exactly triggers it. My search patterns, maybe? I don't know.
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