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Default Back on FreeBSD Once More

These past few days I've been testing Debian GNU/Linux, which is the only Linux distribution that I can stomach. Either, I've been spoiled by BSD too much or there's something wrong with me, but I had a hard time being happy with Debian. Of course, I did encounter some trouble that gives me the notion that even Debian is losing quality.

1. XOrg configuration and device detection troubles
2. Random kernel panics --> something that I forgot about using FreeBSD
3. Weird font issues in KDE with fonts being ridiculously small
4. Lack of recent packages in Debian stable
5. Broken packages in Debian testing and unstable
6. No sound --> conflict between two sound cards apparently because of ATi HDMI, broken sound utilities that wouldn't properly configure the default, editing sound configuration files did nothing
7. Pulseaudio issues --> why does this abomination even exist???

I'm pretty sure there are more that I can't remember, but I'm thoroughly fed up with Linux. I will stick to my perfect combo: Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Hopefully, OpenSolaris will gain more commercial support so we can get commercial apps on that. Just thought I'd share, get my frustration out in a better way.
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