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Thumbs up Hats off to jggimi

Originally Posted by psypro View Post
With my English and beginner skill in OpenBSD, it has meant a lot that jggimi gives some ideas, concert code or just a friendly encouragement.

I read in the book "Absolute OpenBSD" that OpenBSD was like a community of expert, hostile to the small pathetic troubles of mere computer mortals.

It might be an Idea for the author of that book, to adjust the page somewhat.

I have now managed to, configure httpd, with wordpress and sqlite. Transmission-deamon, and fetch scripts in ksh. And now the latest, pf based nat router.
I agree jggimi is great guy ! Hats off to him ! In regards to the book you have to take into consideration that this is not the mailing list of OpenBSD etc... this is an unnoficial forum AFAIK. The tenor or attitude on the official mailing lists may indeed be significantly more hostile.

However, I'm smart enough to be more cautious if I was ever to post in the mailing lists.
"Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to reinvent it, poorly." -- Henry Spencer

Systemd is ripe for and asking for someone to make the mother of all rootkits for it.

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