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after just lurking here for around a year, i joined the other day.
and i, like everyone else, have noticed how knowledgeable and
helpful, and available/approachable that guy is. that is rare on
any forum, or anyplace for that matter. I would also like to confess
that i, at different times, have had several questions regarding how-to
on openbsd. actually, i still have some questions. but in keeping with
my need to keep relearning everything i already know, i've noticed
that when i dig into a problem, and check all sources-i have so far
been able to get everything going. so far. when i focus. however
I also would like to thank the project specificly for the man pages.
they are less opaque to me every day as i learn-which is the best
way to learn-slowly and in-depth. really enjoy this OS. thx,
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