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Originally Posted by 18Googol2 View Post
It doesnt make any sense

Probably you meant to say the drive should be formatted as ffs instead of ufs to prevent the read permission from bad guy?
What are you talking about? I was replying to your post.

You claimed, that setting chmod 600 would stop someone from accessing your file.. that's incorrect, if someone plugged your drive in their BSD computer they could mount the partition and use "their local root account" to read the file.

Encryption would be the only option.. please re-read my initial posts, I was very clear.

Originally Posted by 18Googol2 View Post
3. Also, once the bad guy physically possesses the drive, I dont think ufs, ffs or any fs can stop him from accessing the drive, as long as it is not encrypted, corrupted.
That's exactly what I said , I thought you were implying otherwise.

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