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Originally Posted by 18Googol2 View Post
This reminds me of the mini disscussion we had at uni. In term of permission control, any *nix file system is not superior at all, the NTFS, turns out to be the best. It is cumbersome to manage the file/dir permission under *nix mixing with multiple users/groups. What if I need to allow some more users to be able to read my file? Creating a new group which contains me and other users for permission attr of just one file? Now its not one file but a dozen of files and different users? What if I need to give read access to a group of users, but exclude one guy, I know he is bad guy, so no access whatsoever to my file. What should I do?
Some of *nix have alternatives for that, but I will not spam OpenBSD subforum.
Just for the record this is not file system XYZ fault.
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