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Please, don't take this comment as being dismissive, or unwilling to help you
specifically with starting x.
All the BSD's have very good documentation.
On NetBSD's website or almost any where on the web you should find docs
guiding you on fetching iso, install requirements, configuration, package additions,
window managers etc. Generally You will have to learn to edit some configuration files
to setup the system you want to have. Examples are Window managers, editors,
packet filtering, general user software etc. If inerested in learning and using BSD
longterm you probably will need to get somwhat knowledgable with command line
editing of user and system configuration files.

You could also start off with a linux distro that is much easier to learn such -> as
"Linux-Lite" See Distro Watch for info on these, where you have access to both gui out of the
box and terminal command line interface.

I hope this helps.....

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