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Install CDs (7-stable, 6.3-release, 7.0-release):
cannot find the hard drives when you do a install procedure

Fixit CDs(same versions):
Boots up like an install cd, when i go into fix it it trys to mount a file system from the cd and cannot find the disc.

Upgrades from 6.2 to any version:
make buildworld checks out fine
make buildkernel checks out fine
make installkernel checks out fine
reboot cannot boot back into system because "the root partition cannot be found" meaning it cannot find the discs. binary upgrades react the same way at the reboot point.

this system has 3 different SATA discs in it all different models. freebsd 6.2 recognizes them so i think that it is a break in the driver. the discs work on other motherboards with SATA drives and all the checksums match up fine as well as multiple burns of the same discs having the same reaction. i have a strong feeling that this is a driver related to the motherboard that is causing this problem since USB keyboards and mice do not work either. im just clueless as to what approach i should take form this point.
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