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Hello. My name is Nobber and I fully endorse this idea of running NetBSD on an old laptop.

In fact, I've been running NetBSD 4.0 (RC4, to be precise) on an HP Omnibook xe4100 (2002 model) with a D-Link DWL-G630 cardbus wireless adapter (using WPA) for several months now. Oddly enough, I got wireless networking going without a hitch, but NetBSD refuses to recognise the onboard (wired) NIC - a standard VIA Rhine affair that's been recognised by pretty much every other OS I've thrown at it.

For the record, I'm also running FreeBSD 7.0 on the same laptop, and things are going smoothly with that too. Most noticeable thing about FreeBSD 7.0 is the speed with which it boots up and shuts down (compared with 6.2), but I suppose this is the wrong thread in the wrong forum to talk about that, so I'll shut up now.
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