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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Hello and welcome!

Is there a way to meet your topology requirements without using bridges? An external managed switch, for example? Or perhaps vxlan(4) will do what you need. The vxlan driver was designed to tunnel complete virtual networks over cloud services, and was added with OpenBSD release 5.5.
I believe I need to use bridges, as the switch will allow the VM's to talk to each other unless I implement a second firewall (which I am trying to avoid), and I don't know of any other way to connect my interfaces besides a bridge, which are as follows:
I have a WAP on one interface, my Debian server with the VM's on another interface, my Desktop on a third interface, and the internet on a fourth interface. The WAP is running dd-wrt.

I will look into the vxlan possibility. Which means I will be upgrading to OpenBSD 6.0, and that may take me a few days. Thanks you for the information. I'll update the thread with my results.
The bugs will pass, but the functionality will remain.

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