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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Keep in mind, vxlan(4) must be used by all participating VMs. These tunnels might be able to "bridge" using multicasting, as described in section 2.4 of Reyk's paper, which begins on page 91 of the AsiaBSDCon 2014 proceedings.
I hadn't considered that I might be able to connect the xvlan(4) directly to the VM (or any other type of implementation that did not include using bridge(4)), as the example implementation of xvlan(4) that I found to help me understand what xvlan(4) fundamentally was, seems to show that is needs to be a part of a bridge(4) to be useful. That refrence is here:

I'll look through that paper to see if I can discover an implementation of xvlan(4) that will relate to my situation. Thank you for your reply.
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