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Originally Posted by gosha View Post
Is there a way to configure a port with the features I need by my self?
Recognize that OpenBSD's ports tree is simply a standardized directory structure with Makefiles which upon execution will download source from an authenticated server following by doing whatever building & installing is necessary for the OpenBSD environment.

Within each application's directory structure is a patches directory will hold whatever diff's are required to both massage the code to run in OpenBSD's environment & adhere to OpenBSD's filesystem layout (see hier(7) for more information...). CVS indicates that this port has not been touched since February meaning that the code already vetted by the OpenBSD project may be older than the code found on SourceForge.

So to apply different changes will require an intimate knowledge of both the current port & whatever SourceForge provides. You will likely need to understand the patches that OpenBSD port maintainers created, & the entire process can be tedious depending upon how platform agnostic the original source base is & how extensive the changes are you need to make. Basically, you will be learning much of the knowledge the official port maintainers have.

As jggimi already mentioned, the Makefile for OpenBSD's mlterm port will contain the name & address of the maintainer. This can also be found at the following:

If you do choose to contact the maintainer, be prepared to receive a lot or only a little guidance given that what you are wanting to do is outside the scope of their support.
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