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Old 14th February 2009
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after a fresh install mlterm from source installed without problems, probably my system was corrupted. Also you seem to need to run "gmake" and not "make".
I actually did try to add a line in the Makefile of the ports to enable uim, but it still installed without it.
Anyway, now it works.
There's only one thing I cannot get to work, of which I posted some time ago in another thread, that is russian in put in mlterm. For some reason uxterm accepts russian input (xkb options in xorg.conf) but mlterm does not so I guess it is just a misconfiguration of mine or some keymap is missing, but I already don't know where to look for. I guess I've read all the possible man pages and tutorials and anything you can think about on the subject.
Anyone has had experience with mlterm?
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