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You didn't read all of my post, but I told you that OpenBSD 4.6 (..tagged in July) does not include implicit support for your NEWER graphics card.

I indicated how it might be possible to force things, by pretending to have an earlier model.. but you seemingly ignored me.

A refresh rate of '0' is impossible, it is a placeholder that's used by the vesa driver.. which is a standardized software framebuffer interface provided by a video card (..very unsophisticated).

You have what you need, now you can decide.. here's a start.
1) Be content with the VESA framebuffer.
2) Force a different (..older) ChipID for the radeon driver.
3) Install a snapshot release, which has a newer version of xf86-video-ati.
4) Manually compile a newer version of said driver, entirely unsupported.
5) Use FreeBSD instead.
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