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My advice:

install GAG

Install Operating Systems in any desired order

Install FreeBSD, leave the MBR untouched

Install Fedora, install GRUB into Fedoras /

Install CentOS, install GRUB into CentOSes /

Tell GAG which partition is which as necessary.

Sharing files will best be done via ext2 or ext3 for the partiton, yes you can share the / as long as config files don't cause problems with any system specifics (e.g. running KDE/Gnome on all three).

FreeBSD mounts ext3 as ext2 which means without journaling.

I would suggest partitioning as some thing like:

primary partition 1 -> some OS
primary partition 2 -> some OS
primary partition 3 -> some OS
extended partition ->
-> logical drive -> linux swap
-> logical drive -> /home for all systems
-> logical drive -> general purpose storage/recovery formated FAT32 (if there is disk space enough)

depending on what you need and want
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