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Originally Posted by werwer View Post
Can someone write a tutorial on how to install..:
Your message was originally posted to the FreeBSD's ports/packages forum. It has since been moved.

What you are asking is for someone to take time & document process. Generally people write about topics in which they have interest. Well-written documents take more than a trivial amount of time to compose. While your request may be fair, I tend to doubt that it especially is an effective method of getting what you want. People are busy. They especially are not going to take a weekend to write a document which doesn't have a well-defined audience or well-defined goal all altruism aside.

If your goal is to get specific applications configured, you need to do homework as well.
  • Study Section 15 of the FAQ for information on third-party application installation.
  • As for additional manual configuration requirements, if any is required after installation, notes will be displayed at installation's conclusion.
  • You may find the following thread useful in explaining how effective technical discussions occur:

    Effective discussions come from specific questions where actions leading up to problems are clearly presented.
You can find this community to be very free with sharing information & experience, but requests for spoon-feeding are not warmly received nor dispensed.
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