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Compilation was well, but long, VLC works well on this platform, so I could have skipped mplayer. I should have remembered that "pkgsrc was derived from FreeBSD's ports system" as stated in its guide, and found them nearly identical in their operation. Updating source was easy through CVS.

I made the packages, but it seems the policy is not to accept them from non NetBSD developers (which I understand in these times of malware). So they will have to stay in my root raidctl raid1 mirror (yes, I dared to do it).

As a side note, I have to say that I find OpenBSD's softraid easier to operate, although raidctl have more "disciplines" supported. I wish I had not used up all the disks' space because I wanted to use encryption with CGD, and now I am limited to vnd.

P.S.: I see that vnconfig in NetBSD does not integrate cryptography, so I suppose I can do i t with CGD.

My next step is to set up Xen and use this machine a a stable platform.

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