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Originally Posted by albator View Post
I found this guide which looks nice :
This guide references OpenBSD 4.8 which was released in November 2010. It appears to discuss installation & general post-installation configuration. The latter is covered more completely in afterboot(8), plus the manpage is more up-to-date.

As for installation on an Alix system, the initial install onto a blank (or unrecognized...) CF card will require the most thought. The Alix BIOS supports PXE booting, & setting this up is really a useful exercise for the uninitiated. PXE requires TFTP & DHCP servers be accessible. Section 6.10 of the FAQ describes the process. Of course, having a serial connection set up is necessary to make the appropriate changes to the Alix BIOS.

...& jggimi was right on the connection speed. There was a question on misc@ just a few days ago on this very question, & apparently, the OP hadn't read PC Engines' documentation, or explored the BIOS options.
I was wondering if this was possible to boot through an OpenBSD USB stick and install from it as I do on my netbook.
I configure tftpd(8), dhcpd(8), & connect via cu(1) over a serial connection along with a cross-over Ethernet cable (directly connecting the NIC's...) all on the same laptop. The corresponding file sets are added from a USB drive (There are other options as to the source...). Once one gets used to how the Alix is handling USB devices, the process is really straight-forward.

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