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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
HTML5 video doesn't work very well, frequently crashes (the entire browser), doesn't work fullscreen, etc.
Never had any crashing problems at all. YouTube videos are all being converted to HTML5. Give it time. In a couple years, it will be fundamental to everything.
Fundamentally, HTML5 video is just as broken as flash.
So they're even.
Besides, HTML5 is !@#$@! annoying. Flash, I can disable, disabling HTML5 is more difficult. The first misplaced/unspotted HTML5 sounds and videos have already been spotted.
I'm sure someone will come out with a addon for that.

I've yet to run into anything other than videos. No ads yet that I've noticed. In my little web dev company, we give NO consideration to flash anything anymore. Our full focus is on the new video/audio elements.

The only flash stuff you'll be seeing in the next few years will be by holdovers invested in it. As they die off or get out of the business, you'll see Flash fade away.

Then again, our customers are legitimate organizations and wouldn't put out the flash ad tripe you see so often.
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