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In another thread, I just wrote about a blob -- Opera:
Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
This is a little off topic, but I've seen you mention "building" Opera in several threads

Opera is a closed source, proprietary product owned by Opera Software ASA. The www/opera port does not build from source, the 'make' merely extracts and installs the Opera Linux binary directly from the distfile, obtained from Opera Software. Read the Makefile in www/opera, and you will see:
NO_BUILD=    Yes
along with the installation commands.

1. On OpenBSD, Opera is restricted to i386 only, due to requiring the Linux compatibility ABI.

2. Opera cannot be distributed as an OpenBSD package due to license restrictions on use of the Opera binaries.
This is not "in" OpenBSD, this is a third party, userland program. The risks are lower than plopping unknown software into the kernel layer, as the application only has the authority of the user executing it. If you run it as root, however, you should be aware you have given it the authority to do whatever it wants.

Not only are third party ports not subject to formal audit -- in cases like this, they cannot be.
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