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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
fvwm version itself .. most browsers .. apache ..
The predominant reason for everything in the OpenBSD project is that it is a small project. A small number of people can only get so much done. They have to prioritize, & be realistic about what their goals are, who they want to target, how much they can get done while maintaining a certain level of integrity in terms of process & final product.

As for Apache, the Apache Foundation changed their license in the 2.x era. This was found to be incompatible with the goals of the OpenBSD project, so Apache 1.3 was the last version integrated into OpenBSD's base installation. Patches & tweaks have been ongoing, & Apache 2.x is available in ports.

I do not follow fvwm, but I'm sure you can spend time reading through the archives of the project's mailing lists to find a definitive answer.
I've got a strange feeling that this thread upsets some of you ..
In a way, you are advocating that lots of people should be using OpenBSD, & in particular those without experience. This does not scale -- especially given that the project itself is so small. The project also doesn't have a significant infrastructure for support -- especially for those who will not or cannot pay for support. Even on this site where some guidance is provided, you can count the number of people who have answered your questions on one hand. How much of their time is consumed answering your questions? How many more people who have minimal experience with Unix and/or OpenBSD can additionally come to this site & receive the same level of support consistently for free?

The OpenBSD project knows that it is small, & it has some stasis with its current size. It does not try to be something it isn't. Other Unix-like operating systems exist which have larger support infrastructures affiliated with their communities to provide a larger number of support options.

The end result is that those that stay with OpenBSD usually are those that have more experience & dig through either the documentation or source code to answer their own questions.

So to advocate that this is a project where all kinds of inexperienced people are come to have all of their problems resolved is just not realistic. The structure to support them is simply not there.

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