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Originally Posted by harisman View Post
Hi to all,

After many years working with open source OS's (Linuces and BSD's), I think that the BSD community tries to mimic Linux at its bads.

Currently there are these BSD distributions and counting: DragonFly BSD, FreeBSD, PC-BSD, DesktopBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, MirOS BSD, etc.. .
While this a very small list compared to the thousands of Linux flavors, since the BSD community is very small compared to the Linux one, I think that these projects should be merged somehow to provide a magnificent BSD operating system, to make it the best secure/multiplatform/fastest/stable operating system available.

Almost all of the above BSD's are trying to re-invent the wheel with different approaches, waisting development time and resources, instead of focusing their powers to fix crucial BSD problems and adding necessary functionalities that already exist in Linux or introduce new ones.

What is your opinion about this?
Well, I've notticed last years FreeBSD is absorbing a lot of linux users as a desktop users.

FreeBSD knows the linux fans are coming to try FreeBSD and it was improving the desktop experience.

You can use whatever OS you prefer, I use NetBSD as a desktop and I have all I need. Anyway, if I should recommend a BSD for desktop use I will recommend FreeBSD.

About BSD are not distributions...

The name says " Berkeley Software Distribution", not's saying flavour or somewhat. I understand why you prefer say flavour because you want separate BSD of Linux, and they must realize Linux is a kernel, so it's not a complete OS while BSD is a complete OS, but stay saying berkeley software distribution, so It's correct say it's a BSD distribution because it's the name they decided.

Well, about linuxism in BSD, I guess of 3 main BSD: Net, Open and FreeBSD, the FreeBSD operating system is improving a lot of features for a desktop experience.

Or at least, I guess FreeBSD has better experience with desktop.

About mix all BSD, it will be interesting take the good features of all BSD

like jails of freebsd and more, like the portability of NetBSD on all archs, and the "security" of openbsd, you have HardenedBSD, and the hammer of DragonflyBSD, and some drivers are missing on some BSD.

But... seems more like an utopia

I don't understand why others are saying you are an ignorant.

All of us are ignorants on somewhat. We learn to teach others, not to blame
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