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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
There is no easy answer. FAT32 will work fine on both OS's, but it doesn't support files over 4GB. you can use split to split large files in smaller chunks.

Another solution might be to transfer the files over network. Depending on your internet speed this may take a long time.

You can also install a small LiveFS ($any OS will do) and run that as a NFS or Samba service, then you can access the files om the flash drive from pretty much any OS.

Another (Perhaps the easiest?) solution is to take either the machine at work home, or the machine at home to work, and use NFS or Samba to copy the files.
My problem is I do not have internet connection in home and I can not use network to move files , I can not split option because I think it may break ISO files , all of my files is ISO file from OS and split make change on md5 and ,,,
I want test etx2 , I want format mu USB flash to ext2 and check it . can I do this ?
is this way is easy and have good speed ?
can I find another way to solve this problem ?
First site about FreeBSD and OpenBSD in persian or Farsi.
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