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Originally Posted by hamba View Post
True but I've been running stable on my servers for as long as I can remember and this was the first time I had such a big failure.
Originally Posted by DutchDaemon View Post
Me too. Been running STABLE since 2.2.5, and maybe had three problems in 1000+ installs and updates (usually every 2/3 months for every install).
Certainly I agree that in a vast majority if your experience, -STABLE will almost never nuke your system, and when it does, you can get it back online quickly. I always run it on my desktop, and occasionally even bump around in -CURRENT.

However, if you are using it in a work/production environment, where 99.95% uptime is generally expected (and that .05% is always announced days if not weeks in advance), those unexpected outages could mean some tense moments between you and your boss.
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