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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
Did you mean pkg_admin? Its man page doesn't seem to mention pkgin. The latter is itself a package that some find useful, but it's not clear that it should be automatically installed if installing packages through the installer (something I've never done). pkgin itself has several dependencies, so you'd have to install it using the system's pkg_add command.
Thanks for your replies. I mistyped. I meant pkg_add. In NetBSD installer when you select "Install binary packages (can't remember exact text)" it's what happens, after you specify the server/mirror etc, pkg_add would attempt to download pkgin package from your specified server and install it.

It simply freezes, until I abort it by Ctrl+C and Enter. When specifiyng false server or correct server but wrong path, installer would display the error about it just fine. With correct data, it just freezes. Perhaps it's non-functional IPV6 on my side, I am not sure. I've noticed that I had to delete ipv6 address in my ifconfig to get source ports to download without ipv6-caused time outs.
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